Sunday, July 11, 2010

Double Date

On Friday Jonny and I went on a double date with my old roommate Jessica and her hubby Steve. Jess and I had been talking about doing a double for a long time and we finally planned one. We went to Rumbi for dinner. We had so much fun catching up over dinner and talking about some of the weird names people give their children. Then we went to and outdoor movie at BYU, they were showing Planet 51.
As we were watching there was some lightning off in the distance. I LOVE lightning but always seem to miss the bolts, so I was paying more attention to the sky than the movie. The lightning started moving closer and then you started to be able to hear the thunder. A few people started leaving. Then the lightning really started getting crazy. It was all over the sky. There were massive bolts that stretched across the entire sky and turn the sky purple. It was so cool! I loved it. The wind started to pick up and it started to smell like rain and ever more people left. We just stayed and kept watching the movie. Then the rain started and everyone started to make a run for it. The four of us were going to stay and finish the movie (there was only like five mins left) but they decided to cut it short. Even if we didn't get to finish the movie we had fun and I think the lightning show we got was even better than the movie.


Jessica Zincke said...

It was fun!! Thanks for doing it with us, we'll have to again soon!

Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Sounds pretty exciting!!!!!!!!

bibliotecaria said...

I hope you don't mind my leaving a comment on your blog, but a long time ago, we saw "Star Wars" at a drive-in in North Carolina, where they have lots of electrical storms during the summer. At the very moment the Death Star blew up, there was a HUGE bolt of lightning that went across the sky. It was amazing! Everyone started honking their horns. I'll never forget it!
Nadine P.