Monday, July 19, 2010

Rivercats, Rivercats!

Jonny and I have been talking about going to a Salt Lake Bees baseball game for awhile. We figured the perfect time to go was when the Sacramento Rivercats were coming. Our plan was to go to the game on Saturday night but on Thursday Aaron, a guy I work with, offered me free tickets to the game Friday night. He was given them and going to be out of town so he couldn't use them. So Jonny and I just changed our plans and went to the game on Friday night instead. The seats were good to begin with and when we got there the people who were sitting next to us asked if we wanted to move up. They wanted 6 seats together and couldn't get them so they just bought two random seats and hoped they could move around. So we ended up on the 4th row on the 3rd base line. The view from our seats.
I was cheering for the Rivercats, but like every other team I have cheered for this year they lost. We still had lots of fun.
One of my favorite parts of the game was this cute little guy.
We were sitting right by the Rivercats bullpen and he kept running down yelling at the catchers and pitchers who were warming up and trying to get them to give him a ball. He just sat there yelling, "Hey catcher, catcher, number 45! Can I have a ball? Cause I want one!" This is a picture we snapped of him turning around and trying to get his brother to join him. He would get so upset when his brother wouldn't come down with him. I had fun watching him and he gave us a few good laughs. It was a fun game I'm glad we got to go. Thanks Aaron for getting us there for free!


Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Sorry your team lost but happy you had a great time. Dad and I use to love going to the Padre games when we were dating.

wej said...

look's fun!!!
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