Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pioneer Day

This was my first year being in Utah for Pioneer Day so Jonny and I wanted to do something fun. We finally decided we would go for a hike. Karleigh and her roommate had hiked to Silver Lake a few weeks ago and said it was really nice so we decided on that. Jonny did an excellent job navigating the bumpy dirt road on the way there. It was a really pretty hike.
The lake at the top was beautiful. It was so clear and there weren't very many people there which was nice.
The water was freezing so we didn't go out too deep. We hung out at the lake for a bit, hiked around it, ate lunch and then headed back down. When we were hiking around the lake we got to a part where we had to step over some tree branches and stuff to avoid stepping in mud and falling in the water. While in the process of doing this I slipped and luckily the branches and Jonny were there to catch me but I think I hurt my back in the process because it is so sore today. When we got back to Provo I got a migraine which was no fun but at least it waited until we got back from the hike. The rest of the night consisted of me lying in a dark room. I could have done without the migraine but the rest of the day was fun. It was a great hike and I'm glad we went, even if I'm a little sore today. We also went and saw Despicable Me in 3D on Friday night. It was cute! I liked it a lot and it was cool seeing a movie in 3D.


justified said...

Dang that place looks awesome!!! I'll have to go with Leah sometime soon!

Greg and Betsy Rose said...

Sorry you had a migraine, but it does look like a very pretty place to hike to and visit. Glad you had a great pioneer day.