Sunday, November 30, 2008


This week was awesome because I finally got to go home for Thanksgiving YAY! It was really nice Karleigh and I flew home Tuesday night and then flew back to Provo Sunday afternoon. Luckily, there was absolutely no lines at the airport it was crazy! I really loved being home and spending time with my family. My babies Boston and Tokyo have gotten HUGE (especially Boston, he's a tank.) It makes the kitties we have out here seem even smaller. So, for our Thanksgiving movie this year we went and saw Twilight, I actually liked it a lot, I was very pleasantly surprised. I actually saw it twice, not because it was so amazing but because I wanted to see it with Jonny too! Dinner was of course amazing and there was tons of wonderful food. Then on Friday we went and got our tree. Jonny and Steven came so that they could join in the Apple Hill experience. We missed Taryn and Grant but we get to see them for Christmas, so that is good. We found a beautiful and big tree. We had to top it in order for it to fit in the house. Putting it up was an adventure, we got it all up and let the branches down but then it started tipping backward so we had to fix it, with all the decorations already on it! It took six of us to finally get it finished. So pretty much it was a great trip and I'm excited to go home again in less than 3 weeks!
Jonny and me looking for a tree.

The family with our tree.

Jonny being a tree.

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

So fun, I'm sad we missed it too. Where are the inside pics of it?! I need to see this monster that took 6 people to get it into position :)