Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Happenings

Halloween has come and gone, it's always amazing how that happens. Originally I thought this year was going to be kind of boring, I didn't have any plans and I didn't have a costume idea. In fact, I flirted with the idea of not dressing up at all, terrible I know. But at the last minute everything came together, I decided to be a ballet dancer warming up before a show. So all the make up and everything but not in the full costume. Jonny was my handsome pilot. We decided to have a Halloween party at his house so we threw it together at the last minute and it turned out pretty well. We had the chocolate fountain going, music and, of course, scary movies! We watched I Am Legend, not super scary but jumpy, and What Lies Beneath, that one is scary! We went to WalMart before to get everything that we needed for the party food and all that and we got a hay bale and corn stocks for $2 each, so that helped with decorations, and Jonny did an excellent job. We also got lots of candy for trick-or-treaters we were really excited but not many people came it kinda sucked but oh well. One of the best parts though was the little outfits we got for Roxy, Trixie and Houdini. We found little Halloween preemie onesies and they fit pretty well it was SO cute! and they didn't seem to mind too much, the cats looked funny when we first put the costumes on, they kinda waddled around and took really high steps. We also carved pumkins a few nights before Halloween, they were huge, Jonny's was 26 lbs. We just did faces Jonny's is goofy scary and mine is supposed to be a WAY simplified version of Jekyll and Hyde. Well that was pretty much my Halloween, now I just have to recover!

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Cute new blog background! Now you just need some new posts to go with it :) Like maybe some pictures of your new brown hair!