Sunday, January 31, 2010

Outdoor Skating

Jonny's parents stayed in Logan for a week after the funeral so on Friday they came down to Provo and we went back up with them for the weekend. On Saturday morning we all got to talk to Aaron and Elena on Skype. They are in South Africa for the next year and a half. So that was pretty exciting. On Saturday night we went ice skating with Jonny's parents, sisters and two of his cousins. The place we went ice skating was an outdoor rink that the city of Logan makes. It is in the park right across the street from Jonny's grandparent's house. (This is the view from Jonny's grandparents' window. The rink is down on the left.)
They spray the baseball field with water and let it freeze over to make a rink. It is so pretty because you have the Logan Temple on the hill behind it.
They used to do this every year while Jonny was growing up and he used to tell me about it. So my freshman year I was really excited to go up and skate there. But for some reason they stopped doing it, so this is the first year they have restarted it. We saw it was open as we were leaving Monday night after the funeral. We were sad that we didn't know and so we were excited that we got to go back up and skate.
The ice and the skates aren't the best but it was still lots fun. We helped teach Hannah and Emma to skate (they had only been skating once before) and just had fun skating around together.
Then it started snowing which just made it perfect. It is a pretty romantic setting. I'm glad Jonny and I finally got to go together.

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Susan said...

Very cute and I'm lovin' that hat girl, but where is your fellas jacket? I saw Rae Louise at church yesterday and she told me she got to see a lot of you. I said that was great and odd at the same time since I haven't seen you in years.