Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 in Pictures

Some of my friends have done this and I like the idea. A warning this is a long post but it is mostly pictures. Here is my 2009 in pictures.
Two roommates got married.
Saw lots of famous people at the Sundance Film Festival.
Went to San Diego over Valentine's Day weekend to visit Joan before she passed away.
Finally did the Polar Swim after 3 years of living at Raintree and not doing it.
Celebrated Karleigh's first birthday away from home
Then my birthday
Then Jonny's
Then my friend Katie's
Went to Festival of Colors.
I went to San Diego for Aunt Joan's funeral, I'll miss her, her house and this view.
I graduated! (well I walked, technically I graduated in August)
Pretty uneventful. My first year I did not go home over the summer.
Drove to CA with Jonny for his sister's graduation.
Spent lots of time by the pool with Ashley (and Jonny when he finished Spring term) getting tan.
4th of July with my roommates and Jonny.
Car Trouble.
Moved into my new place.
Welcomed the BYU football team home after their win against Oklahoma!
Went to General Conference.
Aaron and Elena got married in Logan with a reception in Vegas.
More car trouble.
Fun Halloween. First Attempt at cake pops.
Thanksgiving at home. Getting the Christmas tree.
BYU victory over Utah.
More cake pops. (Weird to put I know but I'm proud.)
Ashley's birthday.
Temple lights.
Christmas with Mom, Dad and Karleigh.
Late Christmas Eve with Jonny's family.
New Year's Eve with Karleigh, Steven, Jonny and his family.
There is my 2009. Hope every one had a great year. Happy New Year! Hope 2010 is wonderful!


Susan said...

That was great Holly. Bonne Annee!

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Looks like a fun year! I'm gearing up for my 2009 post too :) Hopefully I can be there for more of your 2010 (not sure if it will happen, but we'll try!)Love you!

justified said...

Love the pic post!

Umm, I've never had cake pops before.... but they looked good! Dang, your cakes always end up looking sick, maybe you should just forget PR and head into the cake business :) People need cake even in recessions! hahaha

Greg and Betsy Rose said...

fun to watch your year in pictures. You had a great one and 2010 will be even greater.