Thursday, January 21, 2010

I haven't posted in awhile. Mostly it is because not much has happened. I finally went to a BYU basketball game. When Jonny and I walked in BYU was losing 15-16, five mins later I think we had scored about 20 points to their 9. We're good luck. BYU ended up winning 91-47 (or close to that.) And we did double their score at one point. It was fun, even though I don't really enjoy basketball, I'm a football girl. I also subbed two days this week with Ashley. It was fun to go back to the same class and know who the kids were and have them know who I am. Some kids are so cute and listen well, while talking to others feels like banging my head against a brick wall. It's been fun being able to talk to Ashley about all these kids she tells me about. We did an art project last week and one this week. It is funny to watch the kids trying to figure it out and see how different each one turns out. They were cutting out paper to make a horse today, we go through it step by step showing them what to do, but still people don't pay attention and they still don't quite get it. My favorite ones looked more like a cow and a dragon than a horse. At the end of the day I was waiting for parents to come pick up the kids and I was telling one girl to get off the fence, when I feel something (or someone) slam against me. I look down and one of the little girls is giving me a hug and she looks up and says, "I love you." It kind of made it all worth it (even though she is one who is kind of a handful.) Ashley, I can totally see how your job is worth it, just for little things like that. It was also slightly awkward because we aren't allowed to touch them so I had to just stand there and say thank you. The kids also compliment you a lot. Multiple kids told me they liked my hair. It helps boost the self esteem, hahaha. That and the job search are pretty much what I have been doing. I'm also taking a few online classes for Los Rios Schools (the school system my dad teaches for) to gain some useful skills and for insurance. So that will be "fun," I'm just hoping I don't have to write too many papers.

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