Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you Taryn!

I pretty much have an awesome older sister. Today Karleigh and I got a package from her with pictures from when we visited her this summer and UK hats, mine is blue Karleigh's is pink, so we can support the Wildcats here in Provo. So thank you Taryn, I always love getting mail, even just letters, so a package is extra amazing! So yeah the package was pretty much the highlight of my week so far. The rest of the week has pretty much been realizing that I have a ton of stuff due this week and tests to take and not having a start on it at all. Like when at 1 a.m. getting an email from a guy asking for notes so he could do our exam due Tuesday, I totally forgot, I was think it was due Thursday and so I had to do it all Monday night but it worked out. I think after this week things will calm down. So I'm pretty excited for Halloween even though I'm not totally sure what I'm doing, possibly a party at Jonny's, but I don't know. I haven't even carved a pumpkin! I also don't know what to be...I can't top last years, Pam Beasley with Jonny as Michael Scott. But that idea came to me at the last minute so maybe I'll get another good idea who knows! Well happy Halloween everyone! Thank you again Taryn, the pictures will go up soon!

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Glad you liked it! You better support :) Well as behind as you are, at least the email from the classmate, etc. are blessings to keep you on top of things even when you aren't. Keep up the good work and studying! And I agree, the best Halloween costumes are always last minute. My 80s workout diva last weekend was pretty fun! You could copy :)