Monday, December 14, 2009

Ashley's Early Birthday

Ashley's birthday is on Christmas so we never really get to celebrate with her. So this year I made cupcakes and we had people over to celebrate. Ashley requested Funfetti cake and rainbow chip frosting. I now have a hard time just making normal cakes and cupcakes now that I have made cute ones but I feel like Funfetti is hard to work with. Then I remembered the tie-dye cupcakes Taryn made and decided they would be perfect. They were so much fun. Katie was over on Saturday night so she, Jonny and I made them.
Before they are baked. The colors were so cool. It reminds me of Hook when the food first starts to appear and they have a giant food fight.
Jonny and Katie layering the colors.
Showing off our cool cupcakes.
Ashley blowing out the candles.
Kory got a cupcake to the face.
Another group shot.
On a side note here is a picture of the pjs I made for Jonny and myself. I know it is cheesy but I don't really care. We were wearing them for my ward Christmas party. It was a pajama party.


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Those cupcakes are still cool every time I see them. Very cute!

Susan said...

Love the jammies very cute.