Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BYU vs. Utah aka The Holy War

I came back a few days early from Thanksgiving so I could go to the BYU/Utah game. I was really sad to leave early but at least I got to go up to Apple Hill to get the Christmas tree. It was the fastest decision made on a tree ever. Which was nice since it was pouring rain. We may have insisted on looking longer if it wasn't raining but the tree we got was beautiful and we usually
find one at the beginning, keep looking for awhile and then go back to the original tree and get it. So we just cut out the extra. Our tree was 17 feet, we ended up cutting off 5 feet to make it fit. I love it. Sadly I left before we got to decorate it but I get to see it for Christmas.
Then on Saturday I went to the game. I was a little worried when it started 6-0 Utah. Then it got better when we scored 20 points and they didn't score anymore. We were feeling pretty confident and then some play calls lead to a tie game that went into overtime. Luckily we held them to a field goal and Max to Andrew George lead to a touchdown and a win! We rushed the field and ran the 100 yards to get to the team. It was lots of fun even if it was frustrating that we let the come back!
This picture is after we got back off the field and half the people had left. Jonny's mom got a picture while everyone was on the field. The whole field was completely full.
I saw this picture in a few places and thought it was funny. This is the play that won the game.

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britt and jacob said...

holly! im so happy to have found your blog. you are just too cute. and i love that byu beat utah. and your pictures are hilarious. love you!