Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have blinking issues

For some reason I ALWAYS blink in pictures when there is a flash. I thought it would be kind of funny to show just how bad it is. These were taken right in a row. It got ridiculous. I would like to state though that I didn't blink in the first one and Jonny wasn't paying attention. So here ya go!

He cannot believe we have had to take the picture this many times!
I'm annoyed and taking a minute to try and prepare myself. Karleigh decided to document it.
We tried to take one without the flash - too dark.
My favorite part about this is Jonny is smiling like nothing strange is going on.
Stupid squinty eye! We were so close.
FINALLY! It took forever but I really like this one.
It is seriously annoying. I can't seem to stop. And I actually left out a few pictures. Luckily Jonny loves me and will smile for a million pictures. And Karleigh was patient and took a ton. Notice Jonny finally got to finish his pizza!


Nolo and Lauren said...

i totally LOVED this most. it made me smile and laugh. it was awesome to see the pizza disappear as you took the pictures

britt and jacob said...

hhahah that is so funny. i hate when i blink, and then i usually dont have kind loving patient enough people to retake the pics! so you are lucky to have such a great boy! how are you guys? any plans???