Saturday, December 19, 2009

My creations

I made these headbands the other night. I saw this ribbon at Michaels and decided I had to have it. I think it made a pretty cute Christmas headband.
It says Holly Jolly on it in case you can't read it.
The other one I was making a gift for someone and decided to make one for myself too. I think it turned out really cute.
I just covered the headband with brown ribbon and then put the buttons on. So there you go. Also, here are some pictures from when we got our Christmas tree. They were on my mom's camera and she hasn't done anything with them.

1 comment:

britt and jacob said...

how cute!! i'll hire you to be my headband maker:) so cute that you got to all get the tree together with the fam! love your cute fam. say hi to them!! merry christmas!