Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas. I know that is not really unique to me but whatever. This year is going to be very different than past years. Every year we go down to San Diego for Christmas (we stayed in Davis when I was 2 and then two years ago because my mom was sick.) When I was young we would stay at my grandparents house. When my grandma passed away and my grandpa moved into a retirement home we started going to my great-aunt Joan's. Joan passed away earlier this year so we no longer have a home to stay in and Christmas in a hotel doesn't appeal to us.
All of these changes have made me think about how much I love our family traditions. We would spend Christmas Eve with my dad's family at my aunt and uncle's. It was always so fun. We would have a big dinner and when we were little we would act out the nativity story costumes and all. Some pictures from past years.
My immediate family would wake up early Christmas day and look though our stockings and open presents. Some pictures looking through our stockings. Also a picture of our presents, we go all out. We love doing big ribbons and fun paper. (Yeah my hair is super dark.)
Then before my grandma passed away my dad's side of the family would all get together on Christmas morning and have breakfast and open presents. The past few years we have just opened presents on Christmas Eve. Then we would get together with my mom's side of the family for Christmas dinner, desserts and presents. Christmas a few years ago.
I am sad to not be going to San Diego this year but I am excited to start some new traditions this year. One last thing. I love this picture and it has become a fun Christmas memory. Grant and Taryn got a KitchenAide mixer. Grant really wanted a green apple colored one but thought they were getting the silver one. This is a picture of him seeing that the label says green apple. "Babe, babe! This says green apple! A green apple mixer and Nacho Libre! This is the best Christmas EVER!!!!"
Sorry this post is a little long. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Danielle Harris said...

I'm sad you guys aren't here for Christmas this year too! I haven't seen you guys in a few years. It is strange to have these changing, but I know our Christmases will all be great anyway. Merry Christmas!