Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Acedemy Is...Amazing!

Today was an awesome day. Over month ago Ashley convinced me to buy tickets to The Academy Is concert and we have been looking forward to it and it was tonight. But before the concert Jonny and I got to go to the BYU football game, sadly it was because Karleigh is getting a cold and didn't feel up to going, so thanks for the tickets Kars and feel better! We won YAY go cougars! but we should have won by more but that's ok. The people sitting behind as were EXTREMELY annoying and rude, even when someone on OUR team was seriously injured, they were being jerks but whatever. Then we went to Salt Lake to the Gateway for a bit then to the concert which was totally awesome I loved it. We The Kings and The Academy Is... were co-headlining and they were both amazing and then Hey Monday and Carolina Liars opened for them, they were also really good. Jonny and I totally jumped in and pushed our way to the front and we were jumping and going crazy, his watch got ripped off and so we had to try to find it with tons of people smashed together jumping on us, one guy helped, so thanks to him that was really nice, we did eventually find it I have no idea how. I am also very proud of battle wound, a bruised and swollen ankle! Yeah, so my ears are still ringing and everything sounds muffled but that's ok I had a great time. But now my body is sore and I'm exhausted. I put a few pics up here and I'll put more on facebook so you can check that out!

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Looks fun! I haven't been to a concert like that in a long time. Hope your battle wound heals quickly.