Saturday, October 4, 2008

Road Trip Birthday Surprise!

My dad's birthday was today, Oct 3, so Karleigh and I decided to drive home for the weekend to surprise him. Our mom knew we were coming as well as our boyfriends but Dad had no idea, we had to tell a few white lies to trick him. We left right after our classes and got into Davis at about 8:00. We had a big sign we made for him and bows on our foreheads, we were pretty much the most awesome present ever! The trip actually didn't take too long, we made pretty good time even though we had to do the last two hours in pouring rain, my favorite way to drive windy mountain roads in the dark in the rain! haha not! Karleigh and I had fun though, she drove the manual for the first time, well we went out and practiced once but this was her first time for real. She did really well, we had a slight scare with a construction zone, her lane ended and we were forced to drive in the emergency lane and she had to slow way down but she handled it well. We kept ourselves occupied by rockin' out to boy bands and Hot n Cold by Katy Perry. We also got out In n Out which was of course amazing! It was great to get to surprise Dad and to see Mom and our boys after over a month apart!

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Well the best present ever would have been if I had been there too but you guys were cute. Looks like you're having fun. Wish I was shopping during priesthood session with you guys tonight :(