Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cheetahs and Falcons are Stupid

I will have to give a little preface to this post. I love fruit snacks and for some reason I really love the cheap store brand ones here, the dinosaur ones to be exact. And my favorite dinosaur is a triceratops. Ok so now that you know that I can begin my story.
Jonny and I were at church today and I had my dinosaur fruit snacks in my purse so i took them out and was sharing them with him. First he thought that my favorite was a stegosaurus, then he remembered that is Taryn's favorite. Then when he remembered what mine was he had the nerve to say that triceratops were stupid and that he hated them! That then led to a discussion of The Land Before Time (the original none of this Land Before Time 8 the musical crap). For those of you who don't know the movie well it is about young dinosaurs and I am sad to say that the triceratops in it, Cera, is a brat. So he used that as a reason that all triceratops sucked. I was very mad so I told him that cheetahs and falcons were stupid (those are his favorite animals) mature response I know. So yeah this was just a funny story in the day in the life of Jonny and Holly, my roommate Ashley P. got a kick out of our little argument, so hopefully you do too. And as an end when Jonny saw that I was actually telling this story he told me not to because he actually thinks triceratops are kind of cool. And I don't really think that cheetahs or falcons suck. So moral of the story, don't judge dinosaurs by their Land Before Time characters and triceratops and fruit snacks rock!

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Danielle Harris said...

I used to love The Land Before Time movie! (the original of course). I admit that I always wanted Cera to get stuck in the tar pit things or eaten by the t-rex. I guess I just don't have much tolerance for mean dinos!