Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trixie, Roxy and Houdini

It took less than a week of Jonny being out in Utah before he realized their were kittens living in his backyard and in the empty lot behind it. He spent the next few days trying to catch them. In the process he met his neighbor whose wife is able to pickup all these little kittens and would be happy to catch a few for us. Well now Jonny lives in a house and Austin said he would be happy to have cats. So now Jonny and Austin have three adorable new roommates. Trixie, Roxy and Houdini. It is kind of hard to tell the girls apart in my picture but Roxy is thee all gray one on the left and Trixie has some stripes. Houdini is the black and white boy with a moustache. They are all pretty sweet most of the time. They are definitely warming up to us. Roxy is funny because one minute she will be super sweet and purring and the next minute she is hissing at you, we think she may be bipolar. Trixie is sweet but I have to say that Houdini is the most relaxed he doesn't really get riled up about anything. Well they are about 8 weeks old and they are SUPER soft. We love them but I of course still miss my babies Boston and Tokyo, no cat will ever replace them. Now Taryn can't be mad that I didn't blog about the cats!

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

That is a HUGE pile of fur. Good work. Thanks for the quick blog update :)