Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things I love

Jonny just moved into a house with his cousin Austin and so of course they need a few things and we were talking about going out to Ikea and I was talking about how much I love it and it made me think of all the random things that I love and I just wanted to share those things with everyone. I of course love my family, Jonny, my friends and my animals, this list is the less obvious things, the simple things that make me happy. As already stated Ikea, if you haven't been there go! I just love looking at all the furniture and decorations and I really love bed spreads don't ask me why I just do, I think I like all the patterns. I also love looking at all the pictures they have. I also love Costco, another must go. I love the towel section at Bed, Bath and Beyond, there are just so many pretty colors, I also love bright colored towels. I love the smell rain, more specifically the smell of asphalt when it rains. I also love lightning but I always seem to miss it! I love name plants, yes giving plants names, I currently have two, Theodore and Javier. I love shoes it is bad I have way to many but I love them and purses! Right now I love my new boots I wish I had a picture! I love pictures, taking them looking at them whatever, the one thing I hate about digital cameras is you don't go get pictures developed anymore so there isn't the excitement of seeing them for the first time. I love making collages, I used to do it all the time. Reading is always good as long as I get to choose the book! I love to plan, I don't know why most people hate it but I think it's fun! I also love sporting events and sports in general. I love going to games, especially BYU football, I just love the energy and excitement. I love when you have a song that you just can't get enough of, right now it is Hot n Cold by Katy Perry. I love random quotes from movies or friends that make you laugh. There is more but I'm tired and I love sleep but I'm going to end with I love laughing so hard that your stomach hurts or until you can't breath.

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Well besides the Katy Perry part, I love many of the same things as you. I can't stand Katy Perry though! Hope you had a good sleep :)