Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is it Spring?

You would think after five years of living in Provo I would be used to the weather. I'm not. We had a few days of gorgeous weather. Sunny, blue skies, short sleeves, wonderful. However, it goes from being sunny and nice one day to cold and rainy/snowy the next. Actually, it goes from being nice and sunny one hour to cold and rainy the next hour. I went to work the other day in short sleeves with the cool air on because it was so warm. On the way home, I had the heater on and was wishing I had a coat. We watched the weather go from sunny, to extremely windy, to overcast and snowing. At one point it was sunny and snowing. Pretty much I am done with this weather. I am ready for summer. I am ready for sunny days and the pool. But, I have decided that I still have at least a month of this crazy incorporative weather, and based on the past I can almost guarantee a snow storm, so to make it better... I want a big red umbrella. I just feel like they are cheerful and it would make me happy on a rainy (or snowy) day.
Doesn't it just seem happier? Plus, I have my cute boy to keep me company under the umbrella! There is just something cool about them.
So the search is on for a big red umbrella!

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Susan said...

This is my forte. I'll find you a great umbrella. Let me know if you find one before I do. Does it have to be red?