Sunday, March 7, 2010

Laser Tag

Jonny and I hadn't hung out with Katie in a little while so Katie and I decided it was time to play. We decided Saturday was a good day and just needed to decide what to do. On Saturday morning I came up with a great idea (if I do say so myself) laser tag. We haven't been in years but we always have fun doing it. I didn't even have to ask Jonny to know he approved and Katie was all for it. We decided to just go all out and dress in all black and put on black face paint.
A new place just opened on State Street so we decided to try it out. It was so much fun. It wasn't a super exciting course but there were enough places to hide and stuff to make it awesome. We pretty much rocked it the first game. We were the red team, Jonny was Nebula.
We played a second game but there were too many people so it wasn't as fun. We took so more random pictures in our "hardcore" outfits.

We had so much fun. And dressing crazy just made it better. When we were done we had to go grocery shopping. We got some weird looks.


Susan said...

Oh my gosh, how fun. Yea, I can imagine shopping would have been odd.

Jessica Zincke said...

How fun!! We really need to play soon, I have an idea. I'll get in touch with you sometime soon!!