Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Man's Birthday!

Birthday number three... Jonny! Jonny's birthday was on Friday. I had to work in the morning but had the rest of the day off. I had decided to attempt a 14-layer cake for his birthday cake. I got the recipe from Bakerella (found here.) I was really nervous about it working and tasting good. Luckily I had Karleigh to help me. Thank you to her I wouldn't be able to do it alone. Unfortunately, Jonny had an Econ test and Stats homework to do on his birthday, but at least that kept him occupied while I baked. Basically you make a massive amount of batter (it barely fit in my biggest bowl) and then scoop it into 14 pie tins.
We baked for at a time and it is only 12 mins each so it didn't take too long.
Then you make the chocolate icing. This was the scary part for me I was worried I would scorch it or something. At one point it almost boiled over. And then you start stacking and stacking and stacking, layering icing in between. No they are not pancakes.
Now according to the recipe the picture below is what it looks like done but like Bakerella I didn't like the look so I added frosting.
Jonny took a break from school work and we went out to dinner with Kirstin. Then we came back to my place and Katie came over for presents and cake.

He got clothes from my parents and me, an N64 game from Katie and a game from Kirstin. Kirstin and I had fun wrapping her present to him. We used three different wrapping papers and went around it 3 times with each. Showing off all the paper and his present.
Then time for cake. I couldn't wait for him to cut into it! He gets his wish!
And here it is, 14-layers...
It actually worked! It tasted good too! None of us could even finish a piece though!
On Saturday we went to dinner with a bunch of his cousins. I had texted them all the week before to get them together for a birthday dinner. We went to Rumbi at The Gateway. It was so much fun! I think we were done with dinner after about 30 mins but we we hung out talking for like 3 hours.
I think overall he had a pretty good birthday. One year older and wiser!


Susan said...

Way to go! I've made the same cake several times over and yes, from Bakerella. Looks like you did an outstanding job.

slaphappy1225 said...

that cake WAS delish. imagine if you had dyed the dang.

Greg and Betsy Rose said...

It looks great and I wish we could have tried a slice. Super fab job!!