Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beautiful Day

Ok, The Office starts in like 2 hours and I can't wait I'm so excited, and to make things even better tomorrow it Friday! YAY! I love the weekend...too bad I have kind of a lot of homework to do.

Yesterday did not start out as a good day, I woke up and I was so achy and miserable so I missed my first class. Then when I got out of bed I still felt kinda gross but then I had to go to English class, which goes from 3-4 which is a really annoying time. In class we talked about the Stanford Prison Experiment, for those of you who know what that is you probably know it is not the most uplifting of topics. It is interesting but still, people doing an experiment and having the worst possible version of themselves come out, to the point where they are physically, emotionally and psychologically abusing's sad. So, I start walking home still not in a great mood and I was listening to my iPod. On the way to my apartment there is a big grass field that I cross, when I got there I decided to take off my shoes (I decided for someone who loves shoes as much as I do I really love being bare foot.) So here I am walking across the field wit my shoes off and the song Beautiful Day by U2 comes on and I realize that it really is a beautiful day the temperature was perfect and it was just gorgeous outside and then all of the sudden I was like in the best mood! So if you're ever in a bad mood I totally recommend going and standing in the middle of a field with you shoes off and listening to Beautiful Day!

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