Thursday, September 18, 2008

More summer

Two posts in one day crazy I know but once I do this one then I think that I can actually start blogging about what is happening to me now. So this summer I went back east for the first time ever, I went to D.C. Baltimore and Kentucky (which isn't really back east.) It was awesome and I loved it. I went with my parents and Karleigh and then when we went to Kentucky we were visiting Taryn and Grant. We got really lucky because it wasn't crazy humid, it was hot though. We got to go around and see all the monuments and memorials and stuff like that we also went into the Air and Space Museum and the Museum od Natural Hisotry which I thought was awesome. In Baltimore we went to a really cool aquarium and went boat ride on the harbor. A guy I worked with said he could get us free tickets to an Orioles game but sadly they weren't in town. Finally we went to visit Taryn and Grant in Lexington, they have an amazing house that the totally redid and it is awesome! We got to go see Churchill Downs home of the Kentucky Derby and went to the Louisville Slugger Factory. It was awesome. We did quite a bit of Olympics watching while we were there we saw Phelps win the mens free relay and were very excited. It was an awesome trip and I added five more states to my count!

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