Saturday, September 20, 2008

Game Day!

I didn't get my all sports pass this year so I wasn't sure if I would get to go to any games this year but my sister and her roommate are such good students and they figured they needed to do some studying today so they gave me and Ashley the tickets. Thanks again Karleigh and Lexi. Ashley and I decided to get way pumped for the game we put blue in our hair got stickers for our cheeks it was fun. It was way hotter than should be allowed, especially since there were clouds all around the sun just none that would cover it! We again had reason to be proud of our Cougars, who won 59-0 last week against UCLA! This week they did not dissappoint 44-0, as Jonny pointed out we are 103-0 over the past two weeks, GO COUGARS! The one downside was that I got a migraine half way though and had to leave at the beginning of the fourth quater, sad but what can you do?

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