Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First blog

So I decided that everyone else I know has embraced the world of blogging so why not? I'm sorry Jonny, I know you wanted to make me one, so when you get your computer all set up I'll be happy to switch. Well, I'm hoping that I can actually keep up on this and be good, I will use Taryn as my inspiration. For now I guess a quick whats up with me would be good. I'm currently in my senior year at BYU and I'm studying public relations. I miss having Taryn out here in Utah with me but I'm very excited to have Karleigh out here for her freshman year. I of course miss my parents and Lassen and the two newest members of the family, Boston and Tokyo, my baby kittens. I have the greatest boyfriend in the world, Jonny. I love life and I'm trying to enjoy my last year as a college student before I have to go out into the great big world to get a job.

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