Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Ah, finally the weekend! I took a test on Friday and got that out of the way 97% go me! Too bad Karleigh got a 100% on her test a few hours before makes me look bad! No, I was so proud of her. It was totally thanks to me though, I made her come watch The Office with me the night before, and then Friday night I made her come out with me again and she got another A on the test she took Sat. morning.
Friday we went to an intramural football game and then went to SEGO Festival, it was a music festival it was ok. But the most exciting thing happened before we even left. We went out to the car and it was kinda cold so Ashley decided she wanted to run up and change so we were going up the stairs and she totally tripped (which ironically she loves to laugh at people for doing) and hit her foot really hard. We walk in and she is like oh I'm bleeding, well it turns out she is like gushing blood, it was all over her shoe, on the floor and the tub was like red with blood, it was really gross! So yeah at least we got it taken care of! She is recovering nicely! Tonight we went bowling and now we are headed up the canyon for a bonfire! Hopefully hanging out with me this weekend will carry over to Karleigh's tests on Monday!

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Where was I when BYU was handing out all these A's!!! Haha, that is awesome you guys are both doing so well this semester. Keep it up!